Prescription Benefits

built by pharmacists​

The OreadRx prescription services program is centered around transparency and improved healthcare outcomes.

No Spread Pricing

Our clients pay exactly what is paid to the provider in additional to a flat admin fee, nothing more

No Retained Rebate

Our clients receive 100% of manufacturer rebates on all claims

No Specialty Pharmacy Requirements

Our members are always allowed to use the pharmacy of their choice

Flat Administrative Fee

All OreadRx services are included in one low flat administrative fee


OreadRx can customize your plan to meet your exact needs

60,000+ Pharmacy Network
Customized Formulary Controls
Custom Member Benefits Structure
Member Portal

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At Oread Rx we strive to disrupt the current corrupt status of the pharmacy benefits marketplace. Our commitment is to full transparency for plan sponsors, payors, patients, and pharmacies. Our model relies on responsible payment to providers and data driven analytics to facilitate efficient delivery of benefits, and improved patient outcomes.

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